Welcome to the Home of the RetroEvolved Project!

RetroEvolved is an extremely powerful tool which allows you to play all your favorite retro game consoles from the earliest release of the Magnavox Odyssey in 1975 all the way up to the Nintendo DS release of 2006 and every console in between. This software is the brain behind most of our @Home consoles sold on RetroGame.Club, and is perfect for novices and experts alike as it is built on top of the famous "RetroPie" setup script and powered by the incredibly versatile "EmulationStation."

What really sets RetroEvolved apart and makes it special from RetroPie and other clones is that if you decide you want to sell your console after making it, YOU CAN! Our commercial image contains no copyright-violating code, no non-commercially licensed emulators, no trademarked images, and comes with a theme of our own design which means you can now sell your own creation! Part of the reason this project was born is due to all the illegal sales of RetroPie consoles on Etsy and eBay which are tarninshing the Retro Game Emulation community's name. Beware of illegal sellers of RetroPie consoles (especially ones that come stocked with thousands of games, as these are all illegal to sell) on other websites, as selling RetroPie violates multiple non-commercial licenses, trademarks, and is against the law.

Download RetroEvolved FREE and Make Your Own Ultimate Retro Gaming Console Today!

Download Premade Image (Beginner - Coming Soon)
Create Your Own Image From Source (Expert)

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  • - Prebuilt with KODI - On our premade images we have preinstalled KODI entertainment center so you can get on Youtube, stream television shows and watch movies off your home network, turning your game console into an all-in-one powerhouse like no other.

  • - 4 Player Multiplayer - Utilize all 4 USB ports on your Raspberry Pi hardware to play with friends and family, just the way it was supposed to be.

  • - Bluetooth & WiFi - Use wireless controllers and connect to your wireless internet to download updates, themes, customize your console and more! 

  • Incredible Variety of Themes - Make it your own, take control and customize it with videos, art and sound effects, or choose one of the amazing pre-made themes created by the RetroPie community. 

  • - Control Every Console With One Controller - RetroEvolved is designed to intelligently map your controller configuration to multiple retro game consoles automatically, saving you HOURS of time manually configuring buttons. On the few emulators that aren't configured automatically, we provide detailed guides on setting up your controller in our tutorial section at https://RetroGame.Club/blogs/Tutorials 

  • - Save, Load and Rewind at Any Time - Simply press hold a hotkey button on your controller and press one of the assigned buttons to save on the fly, load at any time, or rewind! 

  • - Advanced Shaders & Texture Enhancements - Make your HD TV look like an old CRT to truly play it just like the original, or sharpen and enhance the color and detail of your games to make them look ultra high-res! 

  • - Regular Updates - Download updates directly from the menu so you always have the most current technology, just like a modern game console! 

  • - Curated Game Collections - With tens of thousands of games to choose from, how will you ever find the games you want or know which ones are worth playing? After all, not all retro games were created equally and some of them simply haven't stood the test of time. This is where custom collections come into play! Easily make lists of your favorite games for each console and access them at any time from the main menu!