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comparison between xSNES Classy and the SNES Classic

Now we're talking! This xSNES Classy console was designed for gamers who want the full gaming package! This ultimate gaming and entertainment console can store over 16,000 games as well as movies and music playable through KODI on it's 96GB storage, and includes your choice between one of our famous wireless "Ultimate Retro Game Controllers" (URC for short) or 2 wired controllers from your favorite retro game console.


What you get:

  • One Premium Console
  • One Wireless Ultimate Retro Gaming Controller (URC) or Mix and Match Two Wired Controllers of Your Choice - See photos below for controller options
  • 96GB Storage (32 Internal + 64 USB)
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Detailed Video Tutorial Game Install Guide, FAQ & Advanced Guide (Digital)
  • Two Months Unlimited Technical Support

Controller Choices:

Choose between 1 Wireless URC (Ultimate Retro Controller)

Ultimate Retro Gaming Controllers by Retro Game Club Wireless Bluetooth Best Top 10

or 2 wired classic controllers (*If choosing N64 Put Your Color Choice In Comments When Checking Out*)

Ultimate Wired USB Retro Game Controllers Top 10 Best Retro Gamer Club



Retro Game Club Console Key Features

Supported Consoles:

Supported Consoles Retro Game Club Gaming Systems

Now including KODI Entertainment System!

Youtube, Free Movies & TV shows, and Network Streaming of any movies or shows you've downloaded on any computer on your wifi network!

KODI Ultimate Gaming Console Movies TV Free

Hardware Specifications: 

Processor: Overclocked 1.312 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU

Memory: 1GB RAM

Operating System: Lightweight Linux Distribution Running a Fully Customized EmulationStation

Storage: Micro SD card slot with 32GB Storage for Box Art, System Files, etc. Included

Networking: 802.11n Wireless LAN & Ethernet port

Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

4 USB ports


Audio/Video Output: Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video

Graphics: VideoCore IV 3D graphics core


All purchases include 2 months of unlimited technical support! A detailed Video Tutorial guide is provided with your purchase to help you customize your theme, set up advanced features, and install your own games! 


Add ons:

It is highly recommended to add a wireless LED color-changing MicroKeyboard controller to your purchase! Without a keyboard you will be unable to edit any of the advanced configurations of the console or KODI settings. This controller gives you full control of your console, allowing you to personalize it to your heart's content as well as control advanced system features and KODI!

Ultimate Wireless Micro Keyboard Retro Gaming Console FREE Top 10 Best Game Club

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Don't forget to grab any extra controllers you may want from our Gaming Accessories page!

Custom-Made @Home Consoles:

Assembly Time

When ordering an @Home game console from RetroGame.Club you can expect a 1-2 week assembly time to build the console, test it thoroughly, configure any controllers and package it for shipping.

*** Disclaimer *** When ordering an Ultimate Retro Controller your console may arrive later by 6 to 8 days due to required controller configuration. If you're confident you can pair the controllers to your console yourself, let us know by sending us an email or leaving a message in the comment box during checkout and we will skip this step to get you the console faster!***


Within the United States shipping times are generally 2-4 days. International shipping can take 12-20 days depending on the country.


We work very hard on these handmade consoles and test them thoroughly before shipping them. However, to make sure you have the best possible experience we do allow returns within 1 week of product arrival.

For a return to be accepted the item must be received in identical condition to it's shipment to avoid restocking fees. Shipping costs must be paid for by the buyer.

Controllers & Accessories


To keep the costs low and pass the savings onto our customers, the shipping on controllers & other accessories can take 12-20 days depending on the country you are ordering from.


In the rare event your controller or accessory is defective or damaged during shipping, it can be returned within 14 days as long as you include the original packaging. Please contact Support@RetroGame.Club to set up any returns.


Custom-Made @Home Consoles

Our consoles are made to order and are equipped with open-source software that comes with no warranty. The Raspberry-Pi hardware inside our consoles does, however, have a limited 1 year manufacturers warranty and can be replaced in the event that it fails during normal-use. Normal-use is defined as using equipment under conditions which are not considered to be extreme, reckless or put the hardware under conditions it would not typically be subjected to. Examples of this are not limited to: Water damage, Accidental Damage, Exposing The Device To Extreme Heat, Modifying the Physical Hardware, etc.

The cases which surround the internal hardware can be replaced if manufacturer defects are found, however no physical damage or accidents are covered and this service is provided at the sole discretion of RetroGame.Club. This is not an implied Warranty but rather a gesture of good faith in the extremely rare circumstances where a portion of your case is defective.

Controllers & Other Accessories

Most of our controllers and other retro accessories come with 1 year manufacturer warranties in the event a defect shows up during normal use. See the above explanation of Normal-Use under "Custom-Made @Home Consoles" for more information on this. Please contact Support@RetroGame.Club with any warranty claims you would like to make and we will do our best to get a replacement from the manufacturer for you. In rare occasions you may be responsible for contacting the manufacturer as this is a service we can provide only when we have support staff available to process this for you.
Our consoles are built off EmulationStation which is Open Source Software licensed under the MIT License, using a custom revision of "RetroPie" as a configuration script which is under GNU License.

To respect licenses and trademarks, our systems do not include any non-commercial licensed emulators (such as, but not limited to: Genesis-plus-gx, MAME, FBA, and snes9x), EmulationStation themes, Copyrighted BIOS files or the RetroPie trademark image. All copyrighted or non-commercially licensed content has been removed from our consoles before they can be purchased.

To accomplish this we preinstall only commercially-usable emulators, homebrew BIOS files (Where Possible), a commercially usable Emulation Station Theme, our own trademarked image and a custom Splash Screen we developed ourselves.

Additionally, our consoles only include non-copyrighted games and homebrew content to get you started. No copyrighted games or currently maintained intellectual property is sold with our consoles. The number of games listed as "Supported" by our consoles is an estimate and does not imply that many games are pre-installed on this console. NO legally protected intellectual property is included with any www.RetroGame.Club purchases.

Part of your purchase goes towards a video tutorial on how to install your own games/roms, non-commercial emulators, install new themes if you want to further customize your console, and 2 months unlimited customer service in case you need any help!

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