The Complete Video Guide / Instruction Manual to RetroEvolved

This is a complete guide on every single setting found on a RetroEvolved or RetroPie console. It covers everything in EmulationStation and the RetroEvolved / RetroPie Setup Script.

This guide is perfect for complete newbies and even people who are quite familiar with these settings may learn a thing or two about settings they never played with.

This guide describes in-detail what every setting and option does, along with common troubleshooting steps for common problems.

Topics Not Covered - Retroarch

Topics Covered -

Adding Game Descriptions, Ratings, Box Art, & Videos for Each Game

Sound Settings & Advanced Audio + Troubleshooting

User Interface Options & Customization

Video and Slideshow Screensavers

Gamepad & Keyboard Configuration

Custom Game Collections

Runcommand Configuration - Changing Emulators & Per-Rom Settings

RetroEvolved / RetroPie Setup Script - Complete Guide to All Functions Installing New Emulators, Homebrew Games & Other Programs

Installing Gamepad Drivers

Searching Your Game Library, Categorizing, Filtering Game Collections by Genre & Adding Games to Favorites List

Bluetooth - Pairing Controllers




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